Life Cycle Assessment guide

Cycleco is proud to have participated, alongside with CREER (Cluster Research: Excellence in Ecodesign & Recycling) in the drafting of the document entitled “Analyse du Cycle de Vie – un outil de quantification environnementale au service de votre stratégie” (“LCA – a tool for quantifying environmental service of your strategy”).

Agro-food: towards an environmental labeling

A look back on the experiment carried out by companies of the Rhône-Alpes region.

Five companies (Moulin Marion, Giraudet, Boiron Frères, Phil’XN and Langloys Traiteur) participated in a regional project called Food Print.

The issues and perils of ecolabels

A key measure proposed by the Grenelle of the Environment, which assembled French officials and organizations for a wide-ranging discussion of environmental issues , was ecolabeling, which is no deeply changing communications about products for mass consumption.

Renewable energy tradeshow 2011

In collaboration with the ADEME and the Union of Renewable Energy, this trade show will be held from 15 to 18 February 2011 at Lyon-Eurexpo.