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Cycleco participates in 14th Photovoltaics Forum – June 13, 2013, Paris

Cycleco will participate in the 14th Forum on Photovoltaic Technology, organized by Metrol and Transénergie, which is to be held on Thursday, June 13, 2013 in Paris.
This forum will focus on the following theme: “Environmental impact of photovoltaic modules and components: issues of eco-design and obligations of actors on recycling.”

PREBAT Call for proposals : e-LICCO helps you to respond

Under the PREBAT, a call for proposals is launched from the masters of public and private building construction and development in order to create and disseminate technical references on energy and environmental quality of buildings and neighborhoods.
With e-LICCO, the building masters can realize the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of their renovation project.

Cycleco & Environmental labelling in the press

On L’Alsace. fr, Gilles Lematte, environmental manager of Weleda, addresses the national environmental labeling experimentation and the collaboration between the cosmetics company and Cycleco, consulting office specialized in Life Cycle Assessment and eco-design.

Cycleco partner of PF7 INSPIRe

Cycleco is part of the FP7 INSPIRe. The consulting office is responsible for conducting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies of systemic renovation packages.

iNSPiRe is a four-year, EC-funded project that will see the collaboration of 24 partners across nine work packages from the combined fields of research and development, industry, small business and not-for-profit organizations.

Tools 4 Environment launches AiiDA v1.0, a world-wide aquatic ecotoxicological database

Since the use of chemicals became widespread, many negative consequences have been observed on man and his environment. Scientists have therefore attempted to identify and quantify the toxicity of substances released into the aquatic environment.
AiiDA (Aquatic Impact Indicator Database), developed by Tools for Environment, includes the six largest databases of global aquatic ecotoxicity.This overall database is used to automatically calculate the various indicators of aquatic ecotoxicity and their uncertainties by following the official TGD (Technical Guidance Document).